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NSW - Coaches Circle June - Becoming a Wise(r) Leader


ICF Australasia NSW Chapter are thrilled to invite you to attend our 2024 Coaches Circle Series.  

Our NSW Coaches Circle Series offer monthly online calls for our NSW members. These are structured and intentional meetings allowing us to come together to learn and reflect in-depth on specific topics.  

These Coaches Circle events are: 

  • An opportunity to meet and connect with other coaches 
  • A chance to meet someone new 
  • Learn new things and apply to your coaching business 
  • Expand perspective, knowledge and grow in your coaching capacity 
  • An opportunity to find an Accountability Partner 

Stay tuned across the ICF Australasia events page to keep abreast of the entire 2024 Coaches Circle event series! 


Event Information

Becoming A Wise(r) Leader

The Wise Leader draws together thinking from the world of wisdom with insights from the world of leadership psychology. Traditional approaches to leadership value intelligence and empathy. But neither intelligence nor empathy is enough to solve the challenges our world is facing. As a society we apparently become more intelligent with each decade, yet we seem to be falling behind in our ability to navigate complexity. Empathy enables us to understand other’s feelings and to engage, but empathy by itself doesn’t help us disentangle complex, volatile issues and to make the right decisions. We need to look beyond intelligence and empathy, if we’re to become adaptive, humble, agile and curious.  We think its time to look more closely at Wisdom and what this lens can offer ourselves and our clients.

In this session we will look at the five mantras of wise leadership and, most importantly, the practical ways in which we can all engage in to become wiser leaders. The talk will be of specific interest for leadership development and learning/talent & DEI professionals, as well as coaches.  We hope to see you there!

Event Program

Welcome and Icebreaker – 15 min: 

We will begin with a warm welcome and introduction to set the tone for the event. Together, we’ll explore the objectives and expectations, creating a shared sense of purpose. We’ll also each have the chance to introduce ourselves and what we’re hoping to get out of today’s event.  

Presentation – 15 min: 

Discussion / Q&A – 55 min: 

Following the presentation, we’ll move into short breakout rooms to encourage mingling and sharing insights and questions. We’ll then return to the main room and open the floor for interactive participatory discussions and a lively Q&A session involving all present. Your participation is vital as we encourage open dialogue and exchange of ideas among attendees. Feel free to ask questions, share experiences, and gain inspiration from your fellow coaches.

Networking and Collaboration: 

Beyond the scheduled agenda, the Coaches Circle provides an excellent opportunity for networking and fostering new collaborations. Connect with like-minded professionals, exchange contact information, and explore potential partnerships within the coaching community. 


Suzi Skinner, MCC

Dr Suzi Skinner (PhD) is a published author, researcher, international leadership practitioner and Managing Director of Roar People – a global leadership consultancy in Sydney and Seattle. Suzi works with organizations internationally to accelerate change toward more inclusive leadership practices and build cultures of leadership at every level. Suzi’s doctoral research on leader self-efficacy forms the basis of her Reflective Positivity Leadership programs currently being conducted with companies across Asia and the US. Suzi is also a Harnisch Scholar, and her original research on leader identity was awarded first prize at the Institute of Coaching, Harvard McLean Annual Conference.

Paul Lawrence

Paul Lawrence, with a PhD in Psychology, has led teams across the globe. His leadership prowess shone in roles from growing new retail ventures to serving as COO in Japan. Transitioning to leadership development, he spearheaded BP’s inaugural global program for 5,000 leaders. In 2007, Paul founded his own coaching business in Sydney, amassing 5,000 coaching hours and crafting leadership programs for top organizations. An accomplished author, he has published over a dozen articles and six books. Paul also teaches at Sydney Business School, holds an honorary role at Oxford Brookes, and founded the Association for Coaching in Australia.

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