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Queensland Branch

ICF Australasia Queensland Branch provides an opportunity for coaches to be part of a vibrant, friendly and active community. Our regular events offer many options for coaches to connect and continue to develop their professional skills. We also provide opportunities for our members to meet (virtually) and network with other professionals active in the business, including managers and human resource professionals.

ICF Australasia Queensland Branch runs several events each month focused on providing valuable opportunities for coaches to develop their skills while being part of an active professional community.

We are keen to promote the value of professional Coaching and coaches to business and the community.

We have a dynamic team of ICF Australasia leaders in Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. 

ICF Australasia Queensland Branch events are organised by an enthusiastic and dedicated team of ICF members, on a volunteer basis. There are many virtual opportunities to connect via educational webinars, virtual Coach forums and guest speakers. 

We welcome our members to be involved in shaping the future of our Coaching community in Queensland.

If you are new to Coaching, this is a great way to get involved as you build your Coaching career. If you are an experienced Coach, we provide the opportunity to take your Coaching to that next level, whether you are interested in credentialing or you want to keep growing your skills.

Queensland Branch Statistics


Associate Certified Coaches


Professional Certified Coaches


Master Certified Coaches

Correct at time of publishing

Leadership Team

Drinovac Slaven

Slaven Drinovac, PCC


Zsofia Juhasz

Zsofia Juhasz, PCC

Immediate Past President

Rueih Jer (Jerry) Chow

Rueih Jer (Jerry) Chow


Gaye Kuelsen

Gaye Kuelsen, PCC


Sylvia Bellamy

Sylvia Bellamy, PCC


Kathryn Wiseman

Kathryn Wiseman, PCC

Regional Development - Townsville

Caroline Wagner

Caroline Wagner, ACC

Regional Development - Cairns

Damian ten Bohmer

Damian ten Bohmer, ACC

Regional Development - Gold Coast

Kathy McKenzie

Kathy McKenzie, PCC

Regional Development - Sunshine Coast

Kathryn Donaldson

Kathryn Donaldson, ACC

Probono Coaching

Hermengild Pupualii


Flavia Qld Branch

Flavia Formica, PCC

Professional Development

Eleanor Groat Qld Branch Leader

Eleanor Groat, ACC

Stakeholder Engagement

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