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New South Wales Branch

ICF Australasia NSW Branch offers members regular opportunities to connect face-to-face and virtually to build an ongoing community of practice and learning.

Our purpose in NSW is to enable the further evolution of a thriving coaching community. A thriving coaching community is one in which all stakeholders work effectively together – coaches, purchasers of coaching services, coaching schools & academia.

We strive to fulfil our purpose by:

Enhancing members’ experience;
Cultivating a strong spirit of community and collaboration;

Enabling members’ ongoing growth through formal development and shared social learning;

Raising the profile of coaching and understanding of the quality assurance ICF offers in the broader marketplace.

Activities to enquiry about include

Membership Breakfasts
Professional Development – speaker events
Communities of Practice

New South Wales Branch Statistics


Associate Certified Coaches


Professional Certified Coaches


Master Certified Coaches

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Leadership Team

NSW Sarah Bowden

Sarah Bowden, ACC


NSW Branch Sheena

Sheena Polese, PCC

Immediate Past President

Caroline Donohue, PCC


Allie Rosen, ACC


NSW Katy McGregor

Katy McGregor, ACC

Ignite - Probono Program

NSW Aurawan

Aurawan Sachaphornskul, ACC

Social Media

Erika Bass

Membership Support

Gavin Pilz, PCC

Stakeholder Engagement

Peter Stanford

Data and Technical Specialist

Roshni Sharma

Coaches Circle Co-ordinator

Communications Content Creator

Communications Content Creator