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ICF Australasia

The International Coach Federation Australasia currently represents more than 2000 trained coaches throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The International Coach Federation exists to lead the global advancement of the coaching profession.

ICF Global Vision:

“A world where coaching is integral to transforming societies.”

ICF Global Mission:

“We advance coaching excellence, impact and value worldwide”

ICF Australasia Purpose:

To realise the global vision in Australia and New Zealand by enabling a thriving community of professional coaches.

The 3 strategic pillars are:

  1. Coaching Excellence
  2. Member Experience
  3. External Stakeholder Engagement
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ICF Australasia Chapter Stats


Number of members affiliated with ICF Australasia


Associate Certified Coaches


Professional Certified Coaches


Master Certified Coaches

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ICF preserves the integrity of coaching through internationally accepted professional standards.
Today, ICF is specifically recognised among coaching professionals worldwide for: