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Western Australia Branch

Welcome to the WA Branch

Who are we?

The WA Branch is a growing, visible and influential advocate.
We are a centre of excellence for the coaching profession in WA.
We are vibrant, bold and nimble.
We constantly stretch ourselves and evolve to remain relevant
and connected to the communities we serve.

Our branch focus in WA is on our members and supporting them in growing and building the coaching profession. The branch is run by an enthusiastic team of volunteer coaches who are committed to the profession and to you, our members.

We invite you to join in our branch activities – whether you are building your business, growing and developing your coaching skills, expanding your coaching network, looking for support or wanting to give your time to our pro bono coaching projects.

2024 Branch Strategy

Check out our 2024 Branch strategy – ICF Australasia WA Branch 2024 Strategy Overview.mp4 with WA volunteers, Ruth, Beth and Jane.

Save the Date – 2024

Our upcoming WA branch events are as follows;



Congratulations to our Credentialing Members 

Congratulations to all of our members who have achieved their ICF credentials;

Associate Certified Coach ( March 2024)

–  Cecile Crochu ACC

Professional Certified Coach (January – March 2024)

–  Helen Holan PCC
–  Gerry Gulla PCC

Master Certified Coach (January 2024)

– Michelle Toner MCC

Welcome to our New Members

Welcome to our latest new branch members in February- March 2024. We are looking forward to getting to know you:

– Eliza Dadson
– Renee Gardiner
– Anna Bezuglaya
– Dunja Lewis
– Ali Local

Please reach out and let us know at membershipcommunications.wa@icfaustralasia.com if your or someone else’s name is missing. We aim to get this list as accurate as we can!
Membership Statistics 
  • WA Branch membership – 227 x members 
  • WA Branch Credentials – 110 x credentialed members comprising
    • 56 x Associate Certified Coaches (ACC)
    • 51 x Professional Certified Coaches (PCC)
    • 4 x Master Certified Coaches (MCC)
    • 1 x Advanced Team Coaching Certification (ACTC)


Staying Connected
How can you stay connected to other WA members?
  • LinkedIn – Join us on LinkedIn. Reach out and connect with the WA Branch President profile. Events run by WA (in-person or virtual) can also be found on LinkedIn.


WA Volunteers  (WAV’s) 

Listed below are our ICF Branch volunteers – our ‘WA volunteers’ (WAV’s). There is always something happening in the branch, and we are always looking for people to help out with various small projects and tasks. For example, we are looking for help on webinars, events, activities, social media posts, etc.

If you’re interested in helping out in a small or big way, or to join the WAV’s, please reach out to Ruth –  ruth.dettman@icfaustralasia.com

President – Ruth Dettman- ruth.dettman@icfaustralasia.com
Treasurer – Anthony Sacca – anthony.sacca@icfaustralasia.com

Community Engagement
Ruth Dettman- ruth.dettman@icfaustralasia.com
ICF Ignite – Pro Bono Coaching Initiative – Martine van den Burg – martine.vandenberg@icfaustralasia.com, Joyce Lewis-Affleck –joyce.lewis-affleck@icfaustralasia.com

Coaching Excellence
Beth Nurnberger – beth.nurnberger@icfaustralasia.com
Team – Louella Frost, Cathy Smith, Agatha McDonagh, Richard Crane

Member & Volunteer Experience
Jane Leaversuch – jane.leaversuch@icfaustralasia.com
Social Events – Martine van den Berg – martine.vandenberg@icfaustralasia.com
Member Communications – Charlotte Cain & Jane Leaversuch –membershipcommunications@icfaustralasia.com


WA Branch Calendar 

Events will be published on the ICF Australasia registration page when ready  – https://www.icfaustralasia.com/product-category/events/


Western Australia Branch Statistics


Associate Certified Coaches


Professional Certified Coaches


Master Certified Coaches

Correct at time of publishing

Leadership Team

Ruth Dettman

Ruth Dettman, PCC


Patrick Verryn

Patrick Verryn, PCC

Immediate Past President

Anthony Sacca


Jane Leaversuch

Jane Leaversuch, PCC


Lanie Byk

Lanie Byk, ACC


ICF WA Placeholder

Jane McCormack, ACC


Beth Nurnberger, PCC

Coach Cafe

Martine van den Berg, ACC

Member Experience

Charlotte Cain, ACC

Member Experience

Joyce Lewis-Affleck, ACC


FGo Master Coach