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Coaching The Executive Brain


In this highly interactive session (be prepared to talk and share!!!) Certified Neurotransformational Coach and Co-Founder of BEabove Leadership, Ursula Pottinga shares some of the struggles Executives encounter and why they seek coaching. At the same time these busy and stressed clients can also resist some of the most helpful and effective coaching strategies. 

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In this session participants will learn the neuroscience rationale that grounds these coaching strategies and when applied can help clients overcome resistance, help deeper and better client engagement and more provide more immediate results. 

  1. The Neuroscience of Task (focus) and Dream (social) networks and how to balance these 
  2. The Neuroscience of change and why it’s hard and uncomfortable 
  3. Why Executives need to talk about emotions (with others) and some strategies that can help 
  4. And how to overcome their perspective of some so called “Woo Woo” coaching tools that are actually most effective. 

Executives want to understand why they spend money on coaching (let’s face it). Scientifically grounded explanations will lead to a resounding yes to the coaching process.


Ursula Pottinga, CPP, PCC, MNTC

Ursula Pottinga, CPCC, PCC, MNTC is the co-founder of BEabove Leadership and is the co- developer/leader of its ground breaking training program for advanced coaches: Neuroscience, Consciousness and Transformational Coaching available as a 40 week virtual certification program as well as leading BEabove’s Neuroscience and Relational Trauma Certification Program. 

Ursula is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach through The Coaches Training Institute and a Master NeuroTransformational Coach with more than 20 years experience. 

She is a skilled facilitator with more than 30 years experience creating and leading workshops, events, and meetings internationally as an organizational development consultant. A sought-after speaker and coach, Ursula also has her own consulting and coaching company, Profound Growth. In this capacity she supports highly successful leaders break out of patterns that have held them back from claiming the best version of themselves, impacting culture, relationships and creating new paths forward. 

She is also a Certified Relational Trauma and Neuroscience coach where she focuses on bringing awareness, change and ultimately healing to organizations that have been negatively impacted by relational trauma. 

She speaks and coaches internationally and has co-authored a number of books. She is the co-author of The Guide to Getting It: Remarkable Management Skills, Create a New Normal and the spiritual journal: Universal Intentions. 

Key Learning Takeaways

  1. Dispelling the myth that people need to do and the importance of the neuroscience of doing and being, also called the task and social networks of the brain.
  2. The explanation why any change is hard and uncomfortable and how to help clients overcome that.
  3. Talking about emotions – why some clients consider it a waste of time and why it’s absolutely crucial to good leadership.
  4. Things some Executive clients consider “Woo” and why it’s not.

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