From Expert, to Expert Enabler

Our development as a professional, passes through a critical pathway when we transition from an expert to an enabler of other experts.


Different professions pass through this point at different times, but for all of us who progress up the organisational ladder, there is a stage (sometimes a specific role, sometimes over a number of years), where we step up from

  • being rewarded as exceptional in our area of expertise, to
  • being expected to, and rewarded for, the expertise and results that we can deliver through other people.

This developmental turning point can be a natural transition for some of us.

For others we are lucky enough to have a strong leader above us who supports our learning, empowers our decision making and creates the spaces we need for deep thought on the changes we are experiencing.

For many, we fumble through lost, not quite able to figure out the skills we need, what we should actually be doing, or how we could be helping ourselves. At this point, many professionals experience

  • a very real drop in confidence and effectiveness which can lead to
  • high levels of stress and frustration,
  • poor employee engagement for those working with them, and sometimes
  • career stagnation.
Coaching can be a great tool for supporting professionals through this transition.


Working with a professional coach we can develop the self-awareness we need to understand the gap between our intention as leaders and our impact on others. We can develop our capacity to explore situations from the perspectives of others, enhancing our strategic thinking and our capacity to lead others. We can develop the explicit skills, and tool kit we need to step up to being a leader.

  • Through a series of coaching conversations, with learning embedded in your professional experience between sessions, and a rich toolkit created with your coach, professionals can build the confidence to step up to the challenges of leading others and influencing strategically.
  • Through creating a space in which you can explore the challenge, contradictions and possibilities you are experiencing and to think deeply on your own contribution and development potential, in a trusting and solutions-focused context, your coach can help you grow your team, deliver more consistently and thrive in your career.

If you are feeling lost as to where next in your professional development, but know that you need to enhance your capacity to work with others through better conversations, manage yourself more effectively and shift your focus to more strategically important work (i.e. get out of the busy and in to the valuable stuff!), reach out to the ICF to find a leadership coach to work with. Shape your goals, shift your focus, grow your skills.

Coaching could help you find the solution you are looking for.


Amy Jackson, B.Psych (Hons I), ACC, is a member of ICF Australasia. She specialises in leadership development, team resilience and effective communication. Amy can be reached via