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Where’s the line: how to support a coaching client’s mental wellbeing?

A panel discussion to explore when and why a coach should refer a client.

Session by Zoom Webinar

Attendance at the entire session essential for CCE attainment

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The line between executive coaching and psychotherapy is, at best, blurry.

Both professions help their clients fulfill their potential.  And both may delve into deep parts of a coachee personality, including formative experiences from the past.

The difficulty in identifying when to refer a coachee to a mental health professional has sadly meant that many clients have unnecessarily suffered.

This discussion will help us understand the issues and provide us with the tools  for identifying when to refer a client or for identifying when to refer a client or employee.

Visit here for the event flyer and full details.

Note session time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm Singapore time


Event Date

30 November, 2021

ICF Professional Coaches

Continuing Coach Education Units

2.0 CCEs in Core Competencies