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WA Branch - 2024 Annual Volunteer Leaders Confirmation Meeting

Come along and join, with your coaching community, as we reflect, celebrate and endorse our new volunteers.

This event will be held by Zoom webinar.

Event Description

We invite you to this special meeting to bring us all together in the spirit of connection & community.

Event Information

We will be;

  • Holding the annual confirmation of the new WA Volunteer Leaders
  • Reflecting on the events and activities of the past year
  • Celebrating those stepping down from roles & welcoming those stepping in

Notice of the Annual Volunteer Leaders Confirmation Meeting
All current positions in the WA Branch became vacant and opened for nomination for the year 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2025. The roles opened for nomination are listed as follows with their description:

  • President – Represent WA Branch at the Chapter level, attend monthly meetings and annual Chapter strategy session. Please note that the President selection process is CLOSED and is subject to new Chapter level processes including Expression of Interest and Board interview. The successful candidate will be announced at this meeting
  • Secretary – Organise Leadership Team meetings, maintain notes & action items.
  • Communications – Communicate to membership through newsletter and Branch LinkedIn
  • Coaching Excellence – Organise, advertise and deliver professional development initiatives
  • Community Engagement – Organise and deliver outreach initiatives to future members and buyers of coaching
  • Pro Bono – Organise and deliver pro bono initiatives aligned with ICF Ignite Foundation
  • Social – Organise quarterly social events

How to Nominate
Nominations have been received for some of the roles above. To nominate yourself for one of these roles, you may either

  1. Send an email to the President, Ruth Dettman, president.wa@icfaustralasia.com by 5:00pm on Monday 29th July 2024, stating your name and the role you will be nominating for;  OR
  2. Attend the 2024 Annual Volunteer Leaders Confirmation Meeting and nominate yourself at the meeting.

More Information
If you have any suggestions or would like to have a chat please contact:

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Non Members

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Event Date

29 July, 2024

Ruth Dettman