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Value and impact of Coaching in Organisations

“I’m not sure anything could have prepared me for the leadership challenges I feel we face today, how to hold and guide people, navigate the complexities of daily life, manage the many polarities, and work amidst a global pandemic with an indefinite, ever-changing nature and timeframe around it.” says Anna Cameron, the Executive Director of Auckland Theatre Company, who has worked in the arts and creative industries for 29 years. 

The pandemic calls for immediate change and also creates an alternative future for all of us. Are you and your team ready? Join us for a thought-provoking breakfast event (breakfast provided) during this year’s International Coaching Week (ICW) where you will hear leaders share their stories, in particular, how coaching has transformed their organisation, their team and themselves.  

Event Information

Along with Anna Cameron, you will also hear from:

Ceri Rowland, GGM People & Culture, Douglas Pharmaceuticals Ceri’s greatest passion is people and performance! Her belief is that “happy healthy people deliver sustained high performance”. This means she puts people and their engagement at the core of what she does, every time! “A strategic leader knows that organisations need to focus on the culture, capability and capacity of their people, in order to drive performance. And how do you do that? Through great coaching conversations. Coaching is critical to unlock  for any organisation, and if nothing else put your energy here.”

Amavi Mey, Former Head of Strategy and Innovation, Springboard Trust. Amavi’s career spans human resources, education and programme management. She is currently Head of Strategy and Innovation at Springboard Trust, an education change organisation focused on transforming schools through cross-sector partnerships. Springboard Trust supports school leaders to develop greater strategic capacity and capabilities, so they in turn can create the conditions for their staff, students and communities to thrive. She will share the experience of setting up an ICF pro-bono programme in 2018, and the transformative impact the programme had with over sixty school principals, senior and middle leaders throughout New Zealand.  

Sagun Khurana, Learning and Development Manager, Financial Markets Authority “As both a coach and a coachee, I am a big advocate of the value of coaching and the life enhancing impact it can have in a person’s life – whether it is focussed on aspects of your career, or personal life, the flow on effect of one on the other is, as they say, a no-brainer! In my line of work, I have coaching conversations – formal and informal, everyday, and I see the difference it makes. My organisation is increasingly investing in personal coaching for our people – their role or level in the hierarchy  does not matter – if coaching is the answer, then it is supported and the investment is made. The feedback is, more often than not – “it has opened my eyes.”

Anna Cameron “I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences of working in the coaching realm, not only the transformational personal journey I’ve been on, but how coaching has influenced, enhanced, galvanised and changed the company that I represent today. Coaching is a phenomenal platform and working with the team at Spring Leadership has increased the openness between people within our company and given the staff appropriate tools to help navigate change for better, more richer outcomes.”

“As the demands of holding a position of leadership intensify, I have not only increased the frequency of my own coaching, but now regularly rely on the platform as a space to re-group, reflect and re-tool so that I can move forward and be effective with the team.” 

Join us on 19 May at Pioneer Women’s Memorial Hall, Freyberg Place, Auckland Central, for some nourishing discussion and sharing.

He aha te mea nui o te ao. He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata. What is the most important thing in the world? It is people. It is people. It is people.” 

Ceri Rowland, GGM People & Culture, Douglas Pharmaceuticals

Amavi Mey, Former Head of Strategy and Innovation, Springboard Trust

Sagun Khurana, Learning and Development Manager, Financial Markets Authority

Anna Cameron, the Executive Director of Auckland Theatre Company

Event Location

This event will be held at

Pioneer Women’s Memorial Hall

Freyberg Place, Auckland Central, Auckland

ICF Members

$45 AUD

Non Members

$65 AUD

Event Date

18 May, 2021

Meijing He, ICF Northern Branch

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