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A Relational Approach to Client Acquisition 

In celebration of International Coaching Week (ICW); join Josef Martens, PhD for an interactive workshop on how we can use our presence and listening skills to enhance our client acquisition capabilities through attracting and engaging with our ideal clients.

Super-Charging Client Acquisition through a Deep Relational Approach

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Winning over a new client requires a delicate conversation in which we need to be fully present to the client’s stated objectives and needs. At the same time, since in early conversations, prospects are often either not fully aware themselves or not ready to reveal their real needs, we need to listen at a deeper level to gain that deeper understanding and connect with them. Only when we are able establish a safe and trustworthy connection at all levels will be able to win that client. This requires that our “conversation” is not driven by our preconceived notions of who the client is, but our full non-judging presence is required instead to allow the conversation to be shaped in the moment and to dynamically reflect all clues we receive from the prospect.

One of the fascinating aspects of an engaging conversation is also that many voices are “speaking” at the same time. This is the prospect’s voice that leans forward towards the goal. Yet, there is also the voice of fear that is in the way of moving forward. Our presence is needed to address both these voices and support the client as their challenges are likely reflected in this decision whether they want to work with you. Even more fascinating is that as a coach, we are also confronted with these same two voices inside our own mind: our voice that pushes us ahead to work on higher value assignments – and the voice of fear that tells us that we’re not ready yet, require additional training or more growth.

This session will address how we can listen to all these voices, tame them without silencing them, and walk towards creating effective coaching relationships.

About Your Presenter, Josef Martens

Josef Martens

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Josef helps professional service practitioners dramatically improve their performance by supercharging their business development, mastering the client experience, and accelerating their speed to innovate. For twenty years, Josef has helped coaches, speakers and consultants step up their game.

As a recovering scientist with a PhD in physics from the University of Cambridge and several patents in high-tech, he has learned to think outside the box and come up with cutting-edge solutions.

He has spoken in over 30 countries on all continents – and that’s before the pandemic. From his studio (and with the support of his professional production team who turn a virtual meeting into a multi-media experience) he has also spoken in hundreds of virtual meetings to people in even more countries.

He’s also been on the TEDx stage, and when he’s really lucky, even his teenage children listen to him.



Key Learnings

The Power of Knowing Your Offering Better

Everything we do and say positions ourselves in the eyes of our prospects and clients – and it also defines us to ourselves.

The Power of the One Right Question

Participants will discover more clearly the gap areas we really need to look at, which others we should ignore, and how we deal with all of that as our inner voice reminds us during conversations with our prospects.

The Power of Making One Shift

Participants will explore the one question that matters and that changes the perception of our prospects from us being a commodity to being the one person who they need.

Lessons from your Ideal Client – The Power of The Client Journey

Participants will learn a four step process for the conversation with our prospects that changes the conversation from the ground up, because it solidifies the prospects perception of us not being one of many coaches – but the one who stands out and the one who is the perfect fit.

The Power of The Sweet Spot

Participants will discover how to combine their full presence with clarity of vision. And how to share this with your prospects and not break away from being present in their world.

The Power of Automation

Many solopreneurs do not enjoy marketing and selling. Having a marketing/selling type conversation is often seen as being inauthentic and far away from the coaching conversation you would like to have. This module shares a way to resolve this dilemma as we discuss how we can turn all your craft of coaching, all the insights we discussed so far, and all your processes into a system that allows us to automate a good part of the client acquisition process.

Participants will explore an easy-to-apply blueprint to automate their marketing and sales to avoid the energy drain from these conversations.

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Event Date

18 May, 2021

Larri Wallbridge

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