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Integrative Coaching Presence


Recording of a presentation on 4th November 2021. (runs for around 90 mins)

Integrative presence: A needs exchange through somatic responsiveness in dialogue.

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Presence is defined as the capacity to spontaneously respond to others’ needs at any given moment. This capacity shows in your body before you even utter a word. The body comes before the brain. 

We all tend to have a default setting about money, love, work, and presence, which limits our potential to have healthy relationships. While we think we are present, we may have too much or not enough of it. The result is our presence-less-ness as we miss seeing what is relevant in our interactions at any given moment.

This recording of Tunde’s presentation on 4th November 2021,  explores two obstacles to presence in coaching as a growth intervention, reflecting on:

  1. The consequences of our presence-less-ness in our default setting
  2. Our presence-ness integrating the I, Other, and We in coaching 

The workshop is based on a recently conducted large-scale international coaching research that investigated 184 coach-client pairs.


Tünde Erdös PhD - Ashridge MSc. in Executive Coaching, MCC, EMCC Senior Practitioner

Tünde is an executive coach including C Suite leadership. Her guiding principle is FAIRness: Flexibility, Accountability, Integrity, and Reliability. Tünde’s FAIRness approach reflects her dedication to use a meta-lens that covers complex cultural and organizational contexts.

Her area of expertise is presence both in coaching and leadership, as she is aware that leadership is coaching and coaching is leadership.

Tünde has authored three books and published in academic journals as well as in non-academic magazines. She teaches at HEC Business School Paris and is a supervisor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Tünde’s inspiration is to encourage coaches and leadership to base their practice harmoniously on professional wisdom and empirical evidence.

Maureen Owen MDOT – PCC- Transformational Coach, Facilitator & Consultant

Clients describe Maureen as insightful, committed to genuine partnership, kind, ruthlessly non-judgemental and having a remarkable ability to help others think outside their own perspective.

Maureen supports leaders and their teams to navigate and lead at the edge. Committed to fostering thought provoking and creative partnerships, Maureen encourages her clients to use the challenges they face as catalysts for growth, and the opportunity to learn, to bring more of themselves, their gifts, their potential and humanity forward to expand what’s possible.

Maureen has over 25 years’ experience working with human and organisational dynamics as a successful executive and leadership coach, organisational development consultant and senior manager. She applies the learning and insights gleaned from years of navigating the messiness and complexity of corporate life to support her clients to maximise their personal and professional potential in whatever circumstances they may find themselves.

Key Learning Takeaways

  1. Learn about two key surprising findings from a large-scale international research study into coaching presence.
  2. Understand the role your energy plays through the body in coaching presence.
  3. Explore two obstacles to your presence in coaching as a growth intervention.
  4. Recognise the consequences of your default setting around presence and its potential impact on your coaching.



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Brenda Brown

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1.0 CCEU in Core Competencies
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