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Connect. Reflect. Expand May 2024 - In Person Attendance

Join us at Connect. Reflect. Expand, an immersive community event designed to build your coaching confidence and provide a space to meet with and learn from industry leaders

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Join us at Connect. Reflect. Expand Sydney 2024!

This immersive community event has been curated to build your coaching expertise (aligning with ICF core competencies) and provide a space to meet with and learn from industry leaders.

This year C.R.E includes high profile keynote speaker and executive coach, film maker & author Vashti Whitfield, Director of Research at the Institute of Management Psychology, Dr Vivien Forner, as well as a panel exploring the practical coaching application of AI with John Hoffman, Max Young and Slaven Drinovac.

A networking lunch with coaching peers, and morning tea refreshments are also included.

Event Information

Connect, Reflect, Expand Sydney May 2024 

Join us and experience the transformative wisdom of renowned Executive Coach Vashti Whitfield.

Vashti’s unparalleled journey and expertise in coaching through radical reframing, promise to invite a new perspective on leadership and personal growth.

Themes of this exciting keynote include:
1. The Authentic Coaching Brand: Discover how your genuine self-expression is the cornerstone of a thriving coaching practice and a resonant brand.
2. Trust as the Foundation: Delve into the art of using language to weave a tapestry of trust, laying the groundwork for impactful coaching relationships.
3. Presence that Captivates: Learn strategies to cultivate a coaching presence that not only inspires clients but also sets you apart in the coaching landscape.
4. Language that Moves Mountains: Explore the dynamic role of language in empowering clients and propelling your coaching brand to new heights.

The session will be interactive with opportunities for Q & A with Vashti directly.

Joining Vashti in the stage at C.R.E is our second keynote speaker Dr Vivien Forner who will be facilitating a session that will delve into Self Determination Theory and the practical ways it can be applied to coach leaders in all types of organisations, leveraging Vivien’s latest research findings in the field.

We are thrilled to complete the program with a panel where we will be joined by three professionals who are currently exploring and expanding their coaching impact with the help of AI. They will share how you can harness AI to further your impact as a coach as well as some tips, tricks and lessons learnt.

Full program details below.

Lunch, coffee and morning tea are included in your ticket price.

Please secure your place and join us for a lively morning program on Wednesday 15th May. Tickets are available for in person or virtual attendance, but places are limited so do not delay in securing yours. We look forward to seeing you there!

Members and Non Members welcome.


Vashti Whitfield

Over the last twenty years, Vashti has lived, worked, and breathed a life driven by her passion to provoke, inspire, and facilitate the transformation of human potential. She’s acclaimed as a transformational facilitator, executive coach, filmmaker, MC, and global speaker.

However, she is most widely known for her journey from personal tragedy to global inspiration, documented in the award-winning documentary feature film, “Be Here Now,” directed by Oscar Nominee Lilibet Foster. The poignant story of her late husband and their family’s journey from the red carpet to the chemo ward. The documentary has been featured on Netflix and released worldwide. As a true Alchemist and transformational facilitator, Vashti courageously utilises the documentary as a vehicle and tool to instill the concept of legacy-driven leadership and living a purposeful life.

With roles at Performance Consultants International, Coaching Australia, Coach Global, and as a faculty member of The School of Life, she is recognised for her unwavering commitment, candid and infectious personality, and unique expertise in elevating and excavating human potential.

Vashti’s coaching experience spans executives, those in the public eye, and individuals seeking to play a bigger game. Renowned for her tough yet inspirational approach, she optimises legacy-driven leadership potential, professional success, and personal fulfilment.

She’s also an author and sought-after human potential consultant, running a thriving international coaching practice. Her narrative of life, loss, leadership, and legacy continues to inspire globally.

While Vashti primarily focuses on coaching, consulting, and blowing the roof off at her speaking engagements, she also is passionate about her closeted stand-up comedy, parenting her two magnificent teens, and engaging in adrenaline-fuelled, lycra-clad cycling, running, and surf adventures. Overall, her story is a powerful narrative of radically turning loss into a remarkable legacy that continues to resonate with individuals worldwide


Dr Vivien Forner

Ph.D, Master of Business Administration (Distinction), Bachelor of Psychology, Registered Psychologist.

Dr Vivien Forner is an experienced organizational psychologist and applied academic researcher specializing in leadership development, motivation and wellbeing.  She is passionate about helping organizations access and benefit from scientific research findings to make better places for people to work. 

She is the Director of Research at the Institute of Management Psychology and an Honorary research fellow of The University of Sydney and University of Wollongong, where she leads collaborative research partnerships between organisations and academics to address strategic workforce challenges.  

She brings over 15 years’ experience designing, implementing, and evaluating leadership and organisational development interventions across Australian and global firms. Dr. Forner is dedicated to bridging the gap between academic research and organizational practice, advocating for evidence-based strategies to improve leadership and create optimal work environments where people thrive. 

Max Young - Panel on AI

For over 10 years, Max’s passion has been accelerating human development – coaching entrepreneurs, leaders and founders in rapidly growing teams to scale performance, culture and wellbeing. Facilitating clarity and razor-focused development in individuals and teams – Max is a humble force for good.

Most recently, Max was the Head of Coaching at Fingerprint for Success, an AI Coaching Platform world-first technology pioneering the democratization of coaching, carving a new category for technology and AI driven human development.

Drawing on advanced coaching methodologies (neuroscience, cognitive behavioural change and self-actualisation psychologies) and diverse enterprise, startup and high growth experience, Max has a unique mastery for development at different stages of growth.

Max has worked with start-up accelerators such as Antler, R3i Ventures, Accelerating Asia, 500 Start-Ups, UNSW Founders 10X Accelerator, SheLovesTech, SCAPE Creative Fellowship, EY Foundry and the National University of Singapore’s Masters of Science in Venture Creation. Max has personally coached over 130 start-up founders from their portfolio companies.

Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro‐semantics and Meta‐NLP
Certified Practitioner of Neuro‐semantics and Meta‐NLP
Certified Integral-Semantic Facilitator
Associate Certified Meta-Coach
Member of the Meta‐Coach Foundation
Member of the International Society of Neuro‐Semantics
Bachelor of Economics (Finance and Economics)
Diploma of Financial Services

F4S Debriefs
Leadership Development
Leadership and Coaching workshops
Group and Team Facilitation
Wellbeing Coaching
Marketing and Sales Consulting
Coach Mentoring

John Hoffman - Panel on AI

John Hoffman is a specialist in Artificial Intelligence (AI) with over 15 years’ experience. Currently, John is a Partner at EY (Ernst & Young) focused exclusively on the field of AI.  John and his team provide advisory and delivery services that empower organizations to enhance their productivity using AI.  John’s expertise intersects operational efficiency, new service capabilities and, notably, the impact of AI on organizational structures and culture. He helps his clients navigate the complexities of incorporating AI systems into their business models, assisting them in achieving their strategic objectives while taking into consideration the interplay of technology and human elements.

Prior to joining EY, John was a corporate coach for Performance7, where he was instrumental in helping scale mid-market companies. Prior to corporate coaching,  John was CEO of Altis Consulting, a data and analytics firm with a turnover of over $40m.  Outside of his corporate life, John has served as a Board member of Variety NSW/ACT, a charity organization dedicated to empowering disadvantaged Australian children and as founding Board Member of Data4Good, a platform and community for data and AI professionals to serve the community.


Slaven Drinovac - Panel on AI

As the CEO of the Coaching Centre, Slaven Drinovac is committed to maintaining the gold standard in coaching. With over two decades of leadership and an extensive background in finance, banking, higher education, and coaching, Slaven has gained an in-depth understanding of commercial, HR, and operational decision-making, which is crucial for driving sustained success. Slaven leads a high-performance team at the Coaching Centre, excelling in customer service and collaborating with organisations to support their strategy, growth, and transformation by empowering their leaders to operate at peak performance

Key Learning Takeaways

To be Confirmed

Event Program

8:45am     Doors open, coffee & networking in person

9.15am     Welcome (virtual attendees join)

9:30am     Keynote with Dr Vivien Forner

How coaches can use the evidence-based science of motivation to enhance leaders’ interpersonal capabilities.

This interactive session will share dynamic research that has sought to implement and apply Self Determination Theory in organisations (SDT intervention research) and invite coaches to identify opportunities for coaching an SDT intervention. Together we will explore what role coaches can play in increasing basic psychological ‘need satisfaction’ in organisations how we can support leaders to develop ‘need supportive’ interpersonal styles.

10.15am:  Panel with John Hoffman, Max Young and Slaven Drinovac

Using AI superpowers to turbocharge your coaching game

Love it or loathe it, AI is not only on the horizon of our future but very much already present and integrated in many of our daily rituals.

Join this impressive panel who are here to share with you how they already use AI to maximise the coaching experience – for both coach and client.

This practical and applied session will reveal actionable insights and learning based on lived experience, so you can walk away with some AI experiments to carry out on your own!

11:00am:  Break

11.20am:  Keynote with Vashti Whitfield

Elevate Your Coaching Game: The words we choose and use to facilitate, coach, inspire, and empower.

This interactive session isn’t just about honing our coaching skills; it’s a vibrant celebration of the authentic voice and presence that define us as coaches, and the magnetic brand we build around this authenticity. You can look forward to ‘Hot Seat’ Coaching Spectacles and experiencing the magic of authenticity in action through live coaching demos, showcasing how genuine interactions fuel success.  Vashti will shine a light on the transformative power of language, trust, and authenticity. It’s all about leveraging our unique coaching voice and presence to not only foster profound client transformations but also to carve out a distinctive and compelling brand in the coaching world.
You’ll also walk away with a Toolkit for Trailblazers, practical tools and worksheets designed to amplify your unique coaching approach and presence in the coaching arena.

12.10pm:  Program close

12.15pm:  Lunch & Networking

1.00pm:    Event close

Venue for In Person Attendance

Sydney CBD.  EY Center, 200 George St Sydney.

Please check-in with EY Concierge upon arrival (located on the left side of the lobby as you enter from George St). You’ll be guided to the appropriate lift which will take you to the event floor.

Cancellation Policy

We understand things change and there are times when plans made don’t work out.  If you need to cancel your ticket there will be a $30 administration fee charged. You are welcome to transfer or sell your ticket at no charge.

Please advise the event co-ordinator if you are no longer able to attend, wish to request a refund, have transferred or sold your ticket.

Cancellation conditions:

  • If ticket price is under $30 – no refunds given
  • Under 48 hrs – no refunds given
  • Where catering is provided, 7 days notice of ticket cancellation will be required to be eligible for any refund or exchange of ticket.

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Event Date

14 May, 2024

Allie Rosen

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1.0 CCEUs in Resource Development

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