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Inclusive Collaboration - How Our Differences Can Make the Difference (Virtual)

Aaron Hodder will join us to discuss creating an environment where neurodiverse clients and employees can thrive.

This event is offered in person and virtually. This page is for VIRTUAL sales. If you would like to join in person, please copy and paste this link into your browser: https://www.icfaustralasia.com/product/inclusive-collab-inperson/

Event proceeds will be donated to The Autistic Collaboration Trust.


Inclusive Collaboration – How Our Differences Can Make the Difference (Virtual)

hosted by NZ Southern & Central Branch

Event Information

Personality quirks, character traits, mental diversity.

Modern workplaces thrive on innovation, diversity, and creativity. Therefore, we are exposed to a wide variety of people who think, react, work, communicate, interact, and socialise differently. Most modern workplaces value collaboration, teamwork, interaction, and change, but for many people, some of the ways we work and the working environments that result present unique challenges on top of the day-to-day technical challenges of their job. In some cases, our working environments can stifle the very creativity and innovative thinking we are trying to foster.

In this talk, we’ll explore how having a neurodiverse workforce can give employer’s competitive edge, and how coaches and leaders can support those with diverse needs and different requirements for effective interaction and collaboration which brings out the best in everyone’s differences.

5:30pm – 6:00pm Virtual Networking | 6:00pm – 7:00pm  Presentation & Questions

Thank you to our valued New Zealand Southern & Central Branch member Debs Taylor-Hayhurst for hosting the virtual portion of this event.

About Your Presenter, Aaron Hodder

Aaron Hodder

In Aaron’s Own Words:

I care about great people building great software, responsibly. I therefore focus on the human aspects of software development, both in terms of the humans who use and are affected by our products, and the humans who create them. I specialise in Software Testing, UX, and Business Analysis, and I can coach in agile and lean ways of working.

As well as delivering onsite consulting services for clients, I am active in coaching, and delivering training.

Key Learnings

Tips to tailor your environment and practices to bring out the best in everyone

Learn how to turn differences into your differentiators

Understand your clients, employees and teammates a bit better

Gain an understanding of diverse patterns of communication and behaviour

Join in person or online!

This is the virtual event page. If you would like to join this event in person, please visit: https://www.icfaustralasia.com/product/inclusive-collab-inperson/

The Autistic Collaboration Trust

Event proceeds will be donated to The Autistic Collaboration Trust.
The Autistic Collaboration Trust is incorporated in Aotearoa New Zealand (https://autcollab.org/about/), and in contrast to other advocacy organisations, the organisation is formally committed to never charge autistic individuals and their families for any services delivered. They stand against corporate co-opting of neurodiversity and against the systematic exploitation of autistic people. The Autistic Collaboration Trust give organisations the chance to demonstrate a genuine commitment to diversity and inclusion via independent community-powered oversight.

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Event Date

19 July, 2021

ICF Australasia NZ Southern & Central

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This event is eligible for 1.5 CCE Units.

1 Core Competency | 0.5 Resource Development

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