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Leading Through Change

ICF Australasia ACT Branch will be celebrating International Coach Week at an event on 20 May from 4.30-6.00pm at As You Like It Cafe, The Street Theatre, 15 Childers St, Canberra ACT 2601

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What is the link between conversations that shape performance and the active management of change?  There is an ongoing search for improved performance management, and this often turns into calls for more conversations. In this ICW event, Professor Deborah Blackman explains that why this is not always as effective as anticipated. She will present four distinct types of conversation but suggests there is a tendency in current practice to focus on one. We know that change is not the linear, easily managed process it is sometimes portrayed as, therefore we discuss: the criticality of creating shared understandings of what success looks like; the concept of conversational readiness; and how slowing down and planning the conversation process will not lead to delayed outcomes.

At this International Coach Week event, the ICF Australasia ACT Branch will also launch the 2021 Canberra Coaches Connecting with our Community Program.  In Canberra, we support those helping others through challenging times with a probono coaching program that gives staff and volunteers of regional non-for-profit community sector organisations an opportunity to try out coaching.  Our coaches deliver 5 hours or more of free coaching for the people in our community who are in service of others who may be struggling.

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Professor Deborah Blackman

Professor Deborah Blackman is a member of the Public Service Research Group in the School of Business at UNSW, Canberra. Her research interests include Public Sector Policy Implementation, Systems Level change, Employee Performance Management, Organisational Learning and Organisational Effectiveness. Current research projects include: understanding the impact of system complexity on effective long-term crisis recovery, how to map well-being systems; and investigating the current state and future impact of middle manager capability on the Australian Public Service. Deborah was the lead researcher on a joint collaborative project with the Australian Public Service Commission entitled the “Strengthening the Performance Framework”. The result was a new framework for diagnosing the effectiveness of a performance management system and the tool is being used in a range of contexts and organisations. As a result of this project, she and colleagues have adapted the Ford and Ford typology to create more effective performance management conversations.

Liz Tilley

Liz is the current President of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) ACT Branch and a member of the ICF Australasia Executive Leadership Team.

Liz will speak on why coaching is an important element in personal, organisational and systemic change. With the challenges of the COVID-19 era, Liz will speak about how coaching offer a way for individuals and organisations to be part of reshaping the world for the future.

Michael Hawkins

Michael Hawkins

Michael Hawkins is currently on the ICF Australasia ACT Branch Leadership team and organises the Canberra Coaches Connecting with our Community Program.

The Canberra Coaches Connecting with our Community Program is an annual pro-bono coaching program that gives staff and volunteers of regional non-for-profit community sector organisations an opportunity to try out coaching.

This ICW event will launch the program for 2021.

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19 May, 2021

Kylie Holyland

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