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ADHD Coaching Forum - June 2024 - Digital Detox and Organisation for the Distracted ADHD Mind


Digital Detox and Organisation for the Distracted ADHD Mind

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30 minutes looking for a digital document… phones checked every 15 minutes… devices slept with like a security blanket…  It’s often the last thing our clients see before sleep and the first thing they reach for in the morning…

Tech has gone from being a tool to a necessity with people with ADHD at a higher risk of internet addiction and becoming disconnected from real life.

Screens are here to stay and when it comes to managing ADHD, the digital world offers numerous ways to energize or overwhelm our clients. Apps and devices can offer comfort, ignite the brain and provide useful organisational tools to stay on top of commitments, goals and tasks. However, excessive screen time may worsen ADHD symptoms and complicate their management.

During this session we will delve into the barriers our ADHD clients experience when approaching digital organisation and screen-time. We explore frameworks that can unlock motivation and discuss how we as coaches can give our clients the agency to define what a healthy relationship with their tech look likes for them

Please note that the June event has changed, it was to be Executive Functions – A major piece in the ADHD Coaching Puzzle with Swantje Lorrimer (this has now been moved to July).

For those of you that booked this June event with Swantje, Admin will reach out to you with the new zoom link and details. If it no longer suits, a refund can be processed.

If you wish to join the new June event with Francinne O’Rourke, please book.



Francinne O'Rourke, PCC

Francinne O’Rourke is the Powerfully YOU ADHD Coach, international author, speaker, coach trainer and mentor. Inspired by her own ADHD diagnosis and lived experience along with the dominance of ADHD amongst her coaching clients, Francinne studied at ADDCA to specialise in ADHD Coaching.

Francinne works with late diagnosed female founders and leaders with ADHD who are looking to go from frazzled to focused and achieving in a way that works with their brain. She also consults to businesses seeking to embrace a neuro-spicy culture.

Francinne is a PCC certified (ICF) Master Practitioner of Coaching with a background in marketing communications and management in the hospitality, tertiary education, and entrepreneurial space.

Key Learning Takeaways

  • You will learn some models and frameworks to evoke awareness in your clients of their unique thinking style to support them to contain and categorise their digital knowledge assets that will evolve with them (Competency 7: Evokes Awareness, Competency 8: Facilitates Client Growth)
  • You will recognize particular challenges your ADHD clients may face when taking action to declutter, detox and organize their digital world, and how to support them to find alternative strategies to ‘tame their tech’ and ignite their brain (Competency 4: Cultivates Trust and Safety)
  • Develop a deeper understanding of internet addiction and digital knowledge management to be able to reflect on your own practices and embody new experiences (Competency 2: Embodies a Coaching Mindset)

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$20 AUD

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$50 AUD

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