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Coaches value the academic and scientific foundation of their profession and creativity may not be the skillset and the attributes that they consciously draw on in their practice.

I will explain the presence of creativity in our lives through from three perspectives; our innate human mechanisms such as the generation of our memories, perception, the creation our emotions and knowledge as well as our ability to exercise choice and how we re-wire our brain.

Secondly I will sketch the thoughts of Carl Rogers, Rollo May and Paul Ricoeur on the need of creativity.

Lastly I map theory and contemporary brain science on the coaching relationship and explain how a creative approach helps clients with ADHD particularly to broaden their self-conception, externalize executive functions, thus contributes significantly to boost their autonomy, self-efficacy and confidence.


Swantje Lorrimer

Swantje is a professional ADHD coach and consultant. Her private practice is Doing Doing Done Coaching which she runs in Sydney. She is passionate about understanding the human condition from all possible perspectives and uses this in her day-to-day approach.

Swantje is a graduate of ADDCA and holds a postgraduate degree in Philosophy majoring in Ethics. Before becoming a life coach for people with ADHD Swantje worked the film and theatre industry creating costumes and set furnishings. She has numerous qualifications in the arts and textiles. Her coaching approach leverages the visual and the creative.

All three of Swantje’s young adult children are neurodivergent being diagnosed with ADHD & ASD. She has detailed knowledge and lived experience of the complexities and challenges that ADHD poses for individuals and their families.

Key Learning Takeaways

  1. Experience the presence of creativity from 3 perspectives
  2. Hear thought leaders theories on the need for creativity
  3. Creative coaching approach empowers clients with ADHD to externalise Executive functioning
  4. Creative coaching boosts clients’ autonomy, self-efficacy and confidence

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