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ADHD Coaching Forum - August 2024

Amplifying creativity as an ADHD strength

Amplifying creativity as an ADHD strength

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Where does the ability to think creatively come from? Can we command it at will? Is it something that can be taught or is it innate?

With increasing fear that robot overlords (AI) are coming for creative jobs, it has never been more necessary to understand what differentiates human creativity and divergent thinking, and to understand the typology of thinking differently.

People often jump straight to creativity without working on the tools needed to harness it at a high-performance level in a commercial context. This is especially true of ADHD brain wiring, where impulsivity and thrill-seeking can lead to maladaptive strategies to ‘turn on’ the genius; or hyper-focusing to the extent of burnout, which is frequently reported by late-diagnosed ADHD clients.

In this session, we’ll explore the research-based building blocks for optimal creative thinking and engage in a micro-workshop exercise to connect you with your creative typology so you can also help clients connect with theirs.


Justine Capelle Collis

Justine is an award-winning Creative Director, who’s spent nearly three decades spotting talent and leading high-performing teams for global brands in the UK, Australia, Canada and the US. She was inspired to pursue a gear change as an ADHD Coach after the experience of navigating diagnoses for her sons, which led to her own diagnosis at 48.

“I had lost all the drive for my industry. The chase of the next big idea was no longer enough in an increasingly toxic culture that operationalised burnout and didn’t align with my values. At one point I was leading a team that was 100% neurodiverse which flipped the switch for me, so I stopped being part of enabling the system and refocused on how I could provide a solution.”

In 2023 she founded BRNWLD to use her combined career experience to set the bar for diverse thinking, innovation and excellence in fast-moving industries – partnering with organisations, leaders and entrepreneurs looking for tools to maximise their creative strengths for sustainable growth.

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