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Tuende Erdoes, PCC, is a PhD researcher in collaboration with Ashridge Centre for Coaching and Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. Her research title is: ‘Coachig Presence: Interpersonal Synchrony as a lynchpin of goal attainment in coaching. The aim of her research is to provide insights into how to train coaches to become more present in the co-created relationships.

Tuende is looking for coach volunteers to take part on her research project.

A synopsis of the research includes:

  • Takes place over 6-8 months
  • As a coach, you will be asked to have 12 hours of coaching with a client
  • Your client will be asked to complete 8 questionnaires through their coaching work with you.

In return for completing the research, you will receive:

  • 12 CCEU’s from the ICF
  • Free access to the research (e-book)
  • Bio-feedback on their coaching presence
  • Webinar to share findings
  • Presentation at an ICF event, if desired
  • An article to be published on behalf of ICF.

For full details and to speak with Tunde further please either call on +43 660 476 19 00 or email her at:



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