Are you struggling to reach your potential and, despite your best efforts, feel your negative thoughts are conspiring against you—sabotaging your success?
Or you just can’t find the motivation to change?
Do you wonder, Is coaching for me? In this article, we will look at the questions you need to ask.
It’s a normal part of life to have challenges and to look for help to overcome those challenges that just seem too difficult.
SO, what are the four questions to ask to decide, Is coaching for me?
  1. Do I know what direction or action I should take next?
    Sometimes we face challenges that seem so big we can’t see any way around them. Or we are just consumed or controlled by our situation. How would it feel for you to have someone walk alongside you, listening without judgment and helping you to view your situation differently?
  2. Will having a confidential conversation with a trustworthy person help me to decide what to do?
    Ever had a conversation with someone you trusted but found they shared some or all your conversation with others? You felt betrayed and exposed.
    How helpful would it be to talk with a professional who will keep what you share confidential and, more importantly, not judge or criticise you? Someone who’s there to listen to you with respect and help you to identify answers or options in the situation you’re facing.
    All ICF member coaches abide by ethical guidelines, with privacy and confidentiality between coach and client paramount.
  3. How do I create an action plan?
    Coaches work with clients to assist them in reaching specific goals to enhance their growth and to move a client towards reaching his or her goals. The focus is on taking effective action by deciding steps to reach a goal.
    If having an action plan is necessary to overcome your challenge or to reach a goal; then working with a coach is going to get you there quicker.
  4. Who can keep me accountable and on track to achieve my goals?
    Having a plan or knowing what you need to do is a great place to be. However, unless the plan is implemented or actioned, it’s unlikely to ever happen.
    The goals and action plan coaches set up with their clients are measurable, and the steps taken to reach those goals are visible.
    Being accountable to someone ensures you reach your goal.
    Need someone to keep you on track? A coach is your person!

Regardless of how you choose to use these four Is coaching for me? questions, don’t just sit on this new knowledge and forget about it. Put it to good use so you can reach your potential

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David Lawson PCC is a member of ICF Australasia.

He specialises in helping people to have happiness through healthy relationships.

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