20th Year Anniversary Celebrations
Celebrating 20 Years of ICF Australasia Charter Chapter

27,000 + Credential-holders
27, 000+ ICF Credential-holders

There are currently 27,145* coaches in 119 countries who hold one of three ICF Credentials.• 1,021 Master Certified Coaches (MCC)
*This number is subject to change frequently.

Welcome to ICF Australasia

The International Coach Federation Australasia currently represents more than 1600 members throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

The benefits of being a member of ICF and the Australasia Chapter

  • include credentialing
  • the Coach Referral Service
  • use of the ICF Logo
  • access to the branch networking
  • live and virtual professional development opportunities
  • plus access to special arrangements with suppliers.

Members also obtain special prices to attend ICF Conferences and events around the world and access to an extensive archive of professional development materials.

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Upcoming Events

Virtual Webinar
Neuroscience In Coaching

Virtual PD

Neuroscience In Coaching

The neuroscience of applied mindfulness in coaching with Josie Thomson, MCC

In this interactive masterclass presentation you will learn a revolutionary 4-step solution and develop practical applied mindfulness techniques for taking charge and enabling you to support clients/others in doing same.

  • Event Date: 25 September 2019
  • RSVP by: 24 September 2019
Event Details & Booking
Virtual Webinar

Virtual PD

What Are The Real Responses

What are the Real Responses to the Biggest Questions Disruption Poses to Coaching? Virtual PD with Peter Barr MCC

There is a lot out there, positive and fear based, about coaching and many other professions futures. And it is coming at us fast. Are you geared up and ready to go, or ….. ready to be collateral damage as the train rumbles past.

  • Event Date: 16 October 2019
  • RSVP by: 15 October 2019
Event Details & Booking
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