In a rapidly changing business environment, leaders are facing unprecedented challenges that demand enhanced skills in adaptability, decision-making, and emotional intelligence. As the complexity of the workplace increases, it becomes crucial for leaders to continuously develop their abilities to navigate these changes effectively.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF), a non-profit organisation dedicated to professional coaching, is committed to building the leaders of the future. Each year, ICF supports charities that aim to accelerate the growth and development of their leaders.

World Vision Australia head of talent, Lisa Skofic, reflects on their experience with ICF Coaching Partnerships.

“The program enabled WVA to develop a cohort of 15 high potential leaders whilst demonstrate a commitment to continued growth, opportunity and strengthening of talent pipelines,” she said.

Overall, the outcomes achieved by the program show there has been a significant and positive impact on coaches’ development across several areas, including increased confidence, enhanced communication skills, greater leadership perspective and clarity, and utilisation of reflective practices and insights leading to more focused and impactful actions.

On average, more than 60% of respondents reported they achieved their goals as a result of the program and a further 24% partially achieving their goals. These results within the space of a three-month program show that the coaching has had the desired impact in accelerating people towards their goals.

ICF Australasian president, Tim Sprague (pictured) said pro bono work like this helps shine a light on the importance of for capable, experienced, and ethical coaches to raise capability across the country.

“We love to work with organisations like World Vision that are helping people around the world. It allows us to learn from them and provide some high value coaching that they can then repurpose and take on internally.”

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