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Walking The Walk Of Diversity And Inclusion

an exploration for coaches and our clients. He whakanui, he whakahari te mahitahi

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An experiential voyage of discovery via Zoom webinar with Helene Deschamps PCC, Mary Britton, PCC, Shireen Chua, ACC, Meijing He and Michael Moka.

This interactive workshop asks participants ‘what do you have at stake in the D and I space?

What would you like to leave this conversation with?

And invites you on a journey beyond recognising Diversity, through the magic of Inclusion to the possibility of Belonging. Our Purpose is to open up thinking and to provide an opportunity to step more fully into ‘walking the walk’ of Inclusion. It’s an experiential voyage of discovery!

In phase 1 - We will weave our stories together as we share how we all met - uncovering the interfaces, points of connection, challenge and elements of difference. We will invite your input to discover a little about who you are - moving us to
Phase 2/1 - taking these discoveries into our coaching world to ask about our colleagues, our team mates, our coachees and clients what sort of questions help us to open up this thinking with others in coaching conversations designed to build self and other awareness; or to build inclusion and move towards belonging?
Phase 2/2 - what are some of the things which we may hold back? As coaches we will look at ways to listen for those things
Phase 3 - Meet the O.P.E.N model - a useful tool to explore this space and this topic with your clients and colleagues
Phase 4 - what are you learning? What are your insights? How would you like to be in practice with these? What will you commit to - in making that difference you came here to make?

Complete the workshop ready to step into action.

3 Key Learning Takeaways

  1. Questions I can ask which build self and other awareness for coachees/clients, leaders and teams.
  2. How to listen for what I don’t know yet? /Self awareness on my own blindspots - and how to help other people with theirs
  3. My unique action plan


Event Date:16 Jul 2020

RSVP by:15 Jul 2020

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Organiser: Brenda Brown

Phone: +61 (2) 8006 5481


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