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Credentialing In 2020

Panel presentation hosted by Grace Thomas, PCC

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Panel Presentation with ACC, PCC and MCC coach AND an assessor.


Why Attend this Session?

Would you engage a doctor, engineer, lawyer, accountant, psychologist, surgeon who did not hold a licence or credential from an appropriate governing body of their profession, even if you knew they know their stuff?

In our work as coaches, we have the opportunity and potential to make a significant impact to our clients’ lives. Is it therefore ok to hold ourselves to a lower standard than other professions by seeing a credential as an optional nice-to-have.

Many well published surveys and research that tell us that holding a credential from a professional coaching association affords coaches differentiation, competitive advantage, higher income, greater impact, increased confidence and credibility, receive more referrals.

At ICF Australasia Chapter, we are endeavouring to make it easier for you to progress your credentialing path.

This Virtual PD is designed to provide you with some valuable insights from coaches who have recently

obtained or up-levelled their credential.

Five ICF credentialed coach members will share their experience with you on their credentialing journey at ACC, PCC and MCC levels.

If you are considering exploring getting credentialed or up-levelling your credential, this Virtual PD at no charge to members will be very relevant for you.

Even if you are not considering progressing to obtaining a, ICF credential, you may find some inspiration or some new information that may help you understand the benefits and the processes.

One thing’s for sure – the process of credentialing is nowhere near the complexity you might think it is.

So, will you join us for this informative, practical and relaxed virtual session that may just provide some momentum for you to take your professional coaching credential to the next level?


Event Date:07 Feb 2020

RSVP by:06 Feb 2020

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Organiser: Brenda Brown

Phone: +61 (2) 8006 5481


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