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Scaling the great benefits of coaching – and the place of the human coach

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What challenges do you face as a leader, or developer of leaders, that you wish you were better prepared for?
Virtual PD with Carl Sanders-Edwards

Coaching is one of the biggest opportunities of our generation.

The fourth industrial revolution is/has changed how we work. Organizations have moved from hierarchies that are optimized for stability and control from the top to networks that are optimized for autonomy and rapid response to complex environment.

This changes what people do and how they work.

We spoke to a large bank recently who shared that 30% of the job description for a bank teller was identical to that of their senior executives. 10 years ago they had 0% overlap.

Therefore everyone needs; to show initiative, decide in ambiguity, learn rapidly, innovate. Leadership isn’t a position or role, it’s essential for everyone regardless of position or role.

Leadership development is no longer just for high potentials or for senior executives. It is for everyone. Coaching is an extremely effective way of helping develop and support leaders but how can we scale coaching in a world where potentially billions of people should be coached?

This session will explore this question and share how different organizations and technologies are seeking to answer it. We will have a particular focus on the role of human coaches in this world of increasingly capable AI and Machine Learning.

3 Key Learning Takeaways

  • Understanding some of the changes that are driving need to reimagine the scale of coaching and leadership development at work
  • Understand some of the latest technological and social innovations that are emerging to address this challenge.
  • Participate in a discussion around the role of human coaches and clarify a personal action to be part of the solution.


Event Date:26 Feb 2020

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Organiser: Brenda Brown

Phone: +61 (2) 8006 5481


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