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Neuroscience In Coaching

The neuroscience of applied mindfulness in coaching with Josie Thomson, MCC

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Neuroscience In Coaching

In this interactive masterclass presentation you will learn a revolutionary 4-step solution and develop practical applied mindfulness techniques for taking charge and enabling you to support clients/others in doing same.

This practical workshop, which brings Josie Thomson’s latest research, to life as we learn practical new ways to:

  • Check in on our presence when we are coaching
  • Notice what is getting in our way
  • Consider how to access our best coach practice
  • Using mindfulness as a tool

Who is this for?

Every coach from ‘brand new just trained’ all the way through every level and nuance to MCC.

This is about getting out of our own way so we can be the best possible coach and deliver the best possible coaching to our clients.

Participants will learn to:

1. Understand the important distinction between the mind and the brain and how this relates to more effective coaching processes and outcomes
2. Get familiar with important processes working in the brain, and why this is important to know as a coach for the client experience and facilitating more sustainable and strategic


Event Date:25 Sep 2019

RSVP by:24 Sep 2019

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Organiser: Brenda Brown

Phone: +61 (2) 8006 5481


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1 CCE unit in Core Competencies

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