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Real Personal Branding in the Virtual World with William Arruda

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Would people want to meet you if their first impression of you was your Google results?

Join William Arruda on this ICF Australasia Virtual PD webinar via Zoom

Your personal brand has moved online, creating major opportunities for you to influence those who are making decisions about you.

To maximize your digital branding activities, you must translate the flesh and bones you into the bits and bytes you so you can be visible, available and valuable to your stakeholders.

In this presentation, personal branding guru, William Arruda shares his three-step process for building a winning online brand.

Learning Takeaways

You’ll discover how to create a magnetic first impression, simple ways to expand your network of fans and proven techniques for turning fans into promoters who can help you expand your practice. You’ll learn exactly what you must do, what you must avoid and ways to engage in social media without it taking over your life


Event Date:22 Aug 2019

RSVP by:21 Aug 2019

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Organiser: Brenda Brown

Phone: +61 (2) 8006 5481


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Resource Development

1.25 CCE units in Resource Development


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