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The Future Of Executive Coaching

The Future of Executive Coaching: Golden Age or the Cusp of Disruption? with David B. Peterson, PhD

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Change is accelerating and coaches need to learn how to grow faster than the pace of change.

As the pace of change accelerates and the world becomes more complex, the demands on leaders are increasing dramatically. The opportunity appears huge for coaches who can help leaders learn faster, adapt quickly, and build the new capabilities required for success. This acceleration in the need for rapid leadership development in face of complex challenges is leading to a Golden Age of Coaching.

At the same time, several trends are likely to diminish the role coaches can play, including advances in artificial intelligence and virtual reality, human-machine interfaces, smart drugs, and even the fact that leaders are getting better at managing their own learning. These powerful trends suggest that coaching is on the cusp of disruption. David will outline the key forces shaping the future of coaching and leadership, and practical action steps for coaches who want to thrive by capitalizing on these dynamic trends.

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify 5 forces likely to drive disruption in the field of executive coaching.
  • List 3 reasons leaders and coaches are not well equipped to learn effectively in a complex, rapidly changing world.
  • Define five tactics coaches can use to prepare themselves and to equip leaders to thrive in the face of increasing change and complexity


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