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Tasters Of Differing Coaching Modalities

Panel Presentation via Zoom Webinar

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The aim of this interactive session is to expand & improve your knowledge of the range of unique and differing coaching modalities as a foundation for making informed professional development decisions.

This informative and interactive session will deliver tasters of the newest and most diverse coaching modalities.

We have a world class panel of coach experts who offer programs to compliment your existing coaching toolkit.

Panelists include

  • Dr Suzanne Heywood PhD - mBit
  • Margaret Loftus - Enneagram Coaching
  • Karen Tweedie MCC - Systemic Leadership
  • Dr Andrew Rixon PhD - Story Coaching
  • Janet Sernack PCC - Innovation Coaching

Panelists will discuss responses to these five questions

  1. The key elements/features of your approach/modality?
  2. Why your approach is important as a coaching process/modality?
  3. How your approach is different/distinctive?
  4. Your value add/benefits as a professional coaching development process/modality?
  5. Short client process example (how you work with a client).

This session offers you an opportunity to enhance your flexibility as a coach and diversify approaches to your clients.


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Event Organiser

Organiser: Brenda Brown

Phone: +61 (2) 8006 5481


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