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Ethics At Work

Ethics at Work: coaching as a practice of wise decision making with Hilary Armstrong MCC

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Why are ethics relevant to coaching? Most people answer this in terms of coaching codes of conduct and practice.

But there’s another way to think about this: coaching as a practice of ethics. Experienced coaches, especially those working with senior people in organisations recognise that many of the issues that are brought to coaching are about helping them navigate complexity.

Basically ethics is about making a choice to act when there is no clear right or wrong. A very important part of coaching is to assist our clients through our coaching practice, to make decisions in complexity.

This session explores the importance of coaches increasing their understanding of ethics, both for themselves and their clients. In this sense, the session will explore coaching as a practice that assists people navigate ethical complexity, and also some of the new ways of thinking about ethics in terms of ourselves as a coach.

For example, we probably all think we behave ethically, and so do our clients. And yet, different people have very different views about what is right. It depends on what we value more highly – justice, obedience, self-care, fairness or caring for others. And how do we think about these cognitive biases as coaches…we bring them to our work and we replicate them in our work. What different ways do we minimise this?

Issues that coaches are faced with by their clients are often based in ethical dilemmas – grey areas with no easy answers. Coaches often help clients to think through issues which may have an ethical conflict at their heart, and a deeper understanding of how they and their client are approaching the issue would be helpful.


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