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Transformational Presence

Transformational Presence: Leadership and Coaching in a Rapidly Changing World

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​We are living in a V​UCA world—Volatile, Unpredictable, Complex, and Ambiguous. Join Alan Seale PCC for an experiential hour.

Alan Seale also calls this era “The Great Breaking Open.” These times require new kinds of leadership and coaching skills as well as greater capacities for awareness, perspective, and for being with the unknown. We need skills and tools for cutting through complexity to get to the core of what is happening and to find our next steps quickly.

Whole-Mind Thinking and Whole-Being Awareness practices and intuitive skills are essential for transformational leadership and coaching today. Through being fully present and focused, we can build the intuitive thinking skills that expand far beyond the intellect to access a greater field of information. That greater field is available to all of us if we know how to access it.

Come with an open mind and heart and join Alan Seale for an experiential hour to learn more about how Transformational Presence Leadership and Coaching can make a difference in today’s rapidly changing world.

3 Key Learning Takeaways

  1. We all recognize that the world is changing rapidly. However, what is it that is actually changing? Participants will gain a clearer understanding about how today’s world is different and the new kinds of leadership and coaching skills required to navigate this new world.
  2. Simple and practical yet powerful and effective tools and frameworks for cutting to the essence or core of complex situations.
  3. Expanding beyond competencies to core capacities—stretching who we are and how we show up as leaders and coaches


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Organiser: Brenda Brown

Phone: +61 (2) 8006 5481


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1 CCEU unit in Core Competencies applies to full attendance at the virtual event.


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