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Harnessing The Power Of Emotion

with Christopher Neesham

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The importance of emotions in coaching has long been spruiked, and terms like emotional intelligence, emotional labour, emotional agility will be familiar to most coaches. But familiarity doesn’t necessarily mean understanding, confusion abounds.

In this webinar we’ll challenge some assumptions about emotions build a legitimate case for expressing emotions (good and bad) and give you practical tools to raise self awareness, expand your emotional vocabulary, accelerate emotional literacy (to read and identify emotions) and improve the emotional agility of your clients.

Target Audience

This program is relevant for coaches working with individuals or organisations in the areas of personal and professional development.

Participants will

  • leave with a clear understanding of why we use emotions in coaching (one which they can communicate to the most stoic of clients)
  • learn practical ways to access, identify, activate and manage emotions
  • explore how they can use emotions to convert potential into performance and achieve client goals


RSVP by:13 Jun 2018

Event Organiser

Organiser: Brenda Brown

Phone: +61 (2) 8006 5481


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Core Competencies

1.25 CCE units in Core Competencies applies to full attendance at the live event.


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