International Coaching Week 2018

The Future Of Coaching

Exponentiality, disintermediation and the future of commerce. The role of Coaches in the transcendence of ‘humanity’ with Dr Travis Kemp

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Whole-of-human-system disruption compels us to prepare for the unforseen and unforseeable.

International Coaching Week Event with Dr Travis Kemp

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Whole-of-human-system disruption compels us to prepare for the unforseen and unforseeable. This webinar will explore the rational, evolutionary and non-sensationalist indicators of current human and social metamorphosis.

The emerging redefinition of humanity, society and enterprise presents coaches with a unique challenge: Are we helping or hindering our clients’ transformation?

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The acceleration of human transformation remains largely unrecognised by most post-industrial pillars within commerce.
Whole-of-system disruption necessitates preparation for the unforseen and unforseeable making the challenge far easier to relegate to the realm of science-fiction.

Fortunately,coaching provides a valuable opportunity to prepare and equip leaders to navigate this exciting new world; but first, we need to embrace the fear and uncertainty that this presents to each of us.

This webinar will explore the rational and non-sensationalist indicators of current and near-future social transformation, it’s impact on commerce

and the opportunity it presents for coaches.

Travis will summarise the current seismic shifts occurring in social, scientific and commercial contexts that are vital for coaches to consider, comprehend and embrace in order to positively contribute to and support this transformation already well underway.

Specific leadership capabilities which will be vital for success and approaches to developing these will be outlined and participants will be encouraged to identify and explore their own unique cognitive biases and schemas both helping and hindering their progress in embracing these changes.

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