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Whats Your Brave

What is Your Brave?

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Whether you are just starting your coaching career, or you are a well-seasoned expert in the industry, this question (What’s Your Brave?) is relevant to you – and no doubt to your clients too.

This VPD event will offer you a variety of models to assist you in your consideration of what bravery means in our world today and how you as a coach can discover your own bravery and help your clients discover theirs too.

  • The three physical signs that indicate you or your clients have the opportunity to be brave?
  • The two main clues (and one warning) that will help you identify what might motivate your clients to take brave actions?
  • Why we need to be more overt about bravery within our coaching conversations.
  • What are the typical things that stop us and our clients from being brave?
  • Do we have the right to be’ in the business’ of bravery if we haven’t discovered our own brave?

Shirley will work predominantly through her Simplicity-Complexity-Simplicity model to show how and when a coach might introduce the opportunity of being brave to the client.


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Organiser: Brenda Brown

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