Strategic Pillar Leaders and Coaching Excellence Experts

ICF Australasia volunteer leaders collectively dedicate thousands of hours to enable the Australasia Chapter to provide benefits to the members across Australia and New Zealand and to build, support and preserve the integrity of professional coaching.

ICF Australasia Purpose is to realise the global vision in Australia and New Zealand by enabling a thriving community of professional coaches.  This is achieved through three strategic pillars -

  • Coaching Excellence
  • Member Experience 
  • External Stakeholder Engagement

In addition, a team of coaching excellence experts are available to support.

Eva Samaranch

Eva Samaranch, ACC

Head of Member Experience

Ann Wright

Ann Wright, PCC

Head of Stakeholder Engagement

Jeanine Bailey

Jeanine Bailey, MCC

Coaching Excellence Pillar Leader

Tracy Tresidder

Tracy Tresidder, MCC

Coaching Excellence - Credentialing Expert

Hilary Armstrong

Hilary Armstrong, MCC

Coaching Excellence - Ethics and Supervision Expert

Mary Britton

Mary Britton, PCC

Coaching Excellence - VSummit

Marty Doyle

Marty Doyle, PCC

Professional Standards - Accreditation

Alyson Keller

Alyson Keller, PCC

Coaching Excellence - Peer Supervision



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