ICF Australasia Chapter Board, Leaders and the President and Committees of each branch all dedicate hundreds of hours as volunteers to enable the Australasia Chapter to provide benefits to the members and to build, support and preserve the integrity of professional coaching.

Australasia Chapter Board Members

David Bennett

David Bennett, ACC


Eileen Duncan

Eileen Duncan, PCC

Immediate Past President

Melinda Horton

Melinda Horton, ACC

President Elect

Maria Newport

Maria Newport, ACC

Board Member & Secretary

Tony Di Trapani

Tony Di Trapani

Director Finance

Brett Walker

Brett Walker, ACC

Director New Zealand

Sharon Honner

Sharon Honner, ACC

Director Australia

Catherine Plano

Catherine Plano, ACC

Director Professional Development

Cindy Nicholson

Cindy Nicholson, ACC

Director Business Development

Revel Gordon

Revel Gordon, PCC

Director Brand Development & Marketing

Tony Draper

Tony Draper, MCC

Director Professional Standards

Australasia Professional Standards Committee

Tony Draper

Tony Draper, MCC

Professional Standards Committee

Tammy Turner

Tammy Turner, MCC

Professional Standards Committee

Tracy Tresidder

Tracy Tresidder, PCC

Professional Standards Committee

Linley Rose

Linley Rose, MCC

Professional Standards Committee

Jennie Hill

Jennie Hill, PCC

Professional Standards Committee

Branch Presidents


Sharyn Csanki

Sharyn Csanki, ACC

Branch President

Australian Capital Territory

Paul Lawrence

Paul Lawrence, PCC

Branch President

New South Wales

Zsofia Juhasz

Zsofia Juhasz, ACC

Branch President


Megan Fraser

Megan Fraser, ACC

Branch President

South Australia

Grace Thomas

Grace Thomas, PCC

Branch President


Tony Clitheroe

Tony Clitheroe, PCC

Branch President

Western Australia

New Zealand

MaryBeth Robles

MaryBeth Robles, ACC

Branch President

NZ Central Region

Aleisha Coote

Aleisha Coote, ACC

Branch President

NZ Northern Region

Daphne Wells

Daphne Wells, ACC

Branch President

NZ Southern Region


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