Acknowledgements - Conferences

ICF Australasia would like to acknowledge the contribution made to the organisation by its many volunteers. Members contribute their time, energy and knowledge at a local, regional and international level.

Conference Planning Committees

2002 Conference—Marg Krause

2003 Conference—Josie Mclean, Linda Matuschka

2005 Conference—Josie Mclean, Karen Tweedie, Marisa Dantanarayana, Sandy Gadd, Toni Binstead

2007 Conference—Leslie Hamilton, Graham Hoult, Jennifer McCoy, Christie Clark, Liz Moodie

2009 Conference—Josie Mclean PCC, Kim Lisson, David Drake PhD

2013 Conference—Katherine Hosie PCC, John Raymond ACC, Wade Azmy, Jill Danks, Hellen Cohen, Cindy Hadusek, Veronica de Paoli, Monica Sanchez

2016 Conference—Janine Warden PCC, Eileen Duncan PCC, Jenny Devine PCC, David Bennett ACC, Revel Gordon PCC (Conference MC), Cindy Nicholson ACC, Katherine Street PCC


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