Welcome to ICF Australasia NZ Northern Region Branch

New Zealand Northern Region Branch

Welcome to ICF Australasia NZ Northern Region Branch


The New Zealand Northern Branch is committed to supporting the ICF Global Mission ‘to lead the global advancement of the coaching profession’.

Our local Branch is led by a Leadership Team of highly committed volunteer leaders, all passionate professional coaches on the credentialing pathway, who are well supported by member volunteers contributing to projects or ongoing subcommittees.

We deliver local opportunities for connection, professional development and engagement for our ICF members based in the middle areas of the North Island right through to Auckland and the far North. We also offer our members the benefits of our active collaboration with the wider ICF Australasia Chapter. Our calendar of events can be found here.

Moreover, we actively engage with local external stakeholders to promote the benefits of professional coaching. This helps us achieve our aspiration for ICF coaches to be the #1 choice for individuals and for organisations, across the spectrum of coaching disciplines.

We look forward to engaging and collaborating with you all to grow a thriving community of professional coaches through the New Zealand Northern Branch!


From left: Rebekah Fraser, Ruth Elliot, Helene Deschamps, Tina Shah, Sabine Hillebrandt, Christine Harding, Helen Zink, Meijing, Espie Ford

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