Welcome to ICF Australasia NSW Branch

Welcome to ICF Australasia NSW Branch

Welcome to ICF Australasia NSW Branch

The ICF Australasia NSW Branch offers members regular opportunities to connect face-to-face and virtually to build an ongoing community of practice and learning.  

Our purpose in NSW is to enable the further evolution of a thriving coaching community. A thriving coaching community is one in which all stakeholders work effectively together - coaches, purchasers of coaching services, coaching schools & academia.  

We strive to fulfil our purpose by:

  • Enhancing members’ experience;
  • Cultivating a strong spirit of community and collaboration;
  • Enabling members’ ongoing growth through formal development and shared social learning;
  • Raising the profile of coaching and understanding of the quality assurance ICF offers in the broader marketplace.

If you’d like to know more about any of our 2018 activities, please contact the appropriate leadership team member:

Membership Breakfasts

Providing a face to face opportunity for members to connect and learn more about the benefits of their ICF membership.

Email: breakfastevents.nsw@icfaustralasia.com

Professional Development

Face to face interactive lunchtime and evening workshops, and regular webinars with industry thought leaders. These events are designed to provide our members with discussion forums and practical learning to implement in their coaching practice.

Communities of Practice

Facilitating Communities of Practice as a way of further bringing together coaches with a common and specific area of interest.

Areas so far include Coaching New to the Market, Team Coaching, Coaching Research and Coaching Supervision


Supporting you in applying for an ICF credential with a mentoring support group starting in April.

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Coaching World Magazine
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ICF Australasia Blog
ICF Australasia Chapter: Sharing Member Experiences:

16 Dec 2019

Connection. Learning. Contribution. Three words. Powerful impact. These themes are my personal takeaways from the member experiences generously shared by the three winners of our 2019 Blog Competition.

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