Shift out of Fear and Into Passion

It holds us back and steals our energy. The time we spend in doubt is time we could be spending moving forward, taking action, failing, learning, growing, living.

Doubt can be paralysing. I know for me, it stopped me from pursuing my true dream of becoming a coach for over 5 years.

I had these doubts circulating in my mind, any sound familiar?

“You couldn’t make it as a coach... You’re not good enough… You’re not smart enough… etc etc.”

Fortunately, I managed to find a few powerful ways to smash through these mindset blockers, which then allowed me to step into my true purpose, start a successful business, serve clients, make an income and enjoy the most meaningful work I have ever experienced.

So here is one of the strategies. It’s called the Purpose Anchor.

This is where we use your purpose and your passion as the fuel – the driver – to overcome fear and physically (or energetically) elevate out of that place.

If we imagine fear as a physical place that you could see or experience, it’s quite easy to imagine it being down low. You even feel small and low when you're feeling fear.

Whereas purpose, when you’re aligned to your WHY, your mission, your true passion, your reason for being here, is up high. Its more spacious and expansive energy.

You know those times when you've just been in the 'zone'. In flow and on fire with life? That's the energy I'm talking about. It’s so far away from fear and doubt that when you’re in that energy, it’s like those other fears and doubts don't exist. You’re disconnected from them.

Let’s use me starting a podcast as an example.

I had some sneaky fears pop up during this time for sure.

“What will people think?’, 'You're not good enough to start a podcast'… all that lovely jazz.

So, in applying the Purpose Anchor, it involves reminding me of my why. Why do I do what I do?

For me, I tune into the person I want to help. I remind myself of what they're going through and what I want to help them with. I tune into the future version of themselves that I can help them reach. I remind myself of the impact I know I can have on their life.

When I get to that place, whatever action I was about to take which triggered the fear and doubt inside of me fades away. Because it stops becoming about me.

It becomes about something bigger than me. I shift out of that place of smallness and fear and move into purpose, serving others and creating a better world for someone out there. It’s such a fun place where you're focusing your spotlight on someone else, not on yourself.

The good news is, if you’re stuck in doubt, you're no different to anyone else out there. We're all the same. We all get held back by our fears.

But there is a way to anchor out of that place, by connecting with your WHY, something bigger than you. Bigger than your fear. Bigger than your doubt. Bigger than YOU.

Emma Campbell is a Purpose Discovery & Business Coach, holds her ACC credential, is qualified in Psychology & Business and has over a decade's experience unlocking purpose and passion in inspired women ready to unleash something meaningful into the world. Emma can be reached via