Ontological Coaching and Understanding the Essence of Self

What does it mean to understand the essence of self and what does ontological coaching have to do with it?

Well, after my recent short introductory experience at the ICF Australasia Victoria Community of Practice evening ... it seems a lot!

Ontological coaching is closely related to the word “ontology” which means the study of being and understanding the nature of human existence.

As an overarching model Alan identified that ontological coaching focuses on a “way of being” that impacts communication and behaviour which delivers a specific result and impacts the individual's quality of existence.

As a general rule ontological coaches focus on the interplay of three important domains within their coaching conversations:

  1. The function of language within the coaching conversation. Specifically, it is the investigation of how language impacts people’s perceptions and what it may tell us about who they are and how they think and interact with their environment.
  2. The use and presence of emotions and moods which also provide an insight into what the coachee may be thinking about a particular issue or stimulus and how they have chosen a mood or emotion to demonstrate their responses.
  3. The function of the body during this process. How do they stand whilst immersed in this experience and how their breathing, posture and physiology might respond?

Some of the other fascinating insights gained from the workshop were that:

  1. Words are not trivial and they consistently generate our reality.
  2. If real change is to occur with an individual it involves awareness of language, emotions and body to “wire” it in.
  3. Emotions always influence our perception and behaviours.
  4. Listen to our listenings which is fundamentally be aware of our emotions and their causes and prompts.

Thank you, Alan, for such an interesting and stimulating workshop.

Richard Day PCC “Potentialist” helps individuals and businesses increase their Impact, Influence and Income...everywhere. He is the Brand and Communications Leader of the Victorian Branch of ICF Australasia.