As I begin writing this short introduction, three words swirl around in my mind.

Connection. Learning. Contribution. Three words. Powerful impact.

These themes are my personal takeaways from the member experiences generously shared by the three winners of our 2019 Blog Competition.  

The Competition

In August this year, the Chapter invited members to submit a written blog in response to the following questions.

  • Why you joined the ICF;
  • Something you would like to share about your experience as a member of our coach community; and
  • The importance of ICF professional development programs to the development of your business and/or coaching practice.

A huge thank you to everyone who submitted a blog!

I was delighted to read all the blogs and learn about the ways in which the ICF supports our members and contributes to coaching practice wherever coaches are in their journey.

Our judging panel included the President, President Elect, and Head of Member Experience of ICF Australasia.

Congratulations to the Winners!

I am excited to share the three wonderful and winning blogs from Paul Chang, Zsofia Juhasz and Davia McMillan.

I encourage you to take a moment to read each of these personal contributions and enjoy a glimpse into the ICF and Chapter experiences of these three coaches.

Your take-aways may be very different to my own. Be inspired.

Each author won a complimentary pass to a professional development program offered by our partner, WBECS.

Bev Paulin, Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

Head of Member Experience, ICF Australasia Chapter



Paul Chang, Coach

I joined ICF as I was completing my ICF-accredited training course… I also established a deep passion for furthering coaching as a well-respected and reputable profession.

I see ICF as the organisation best positioned to establish and administer coaching guidelines and ethics, and I want to partner with an organisation that values the highest coaching quality and excellence… I have attended two webinars that were not only immensely helpful to my coaching practice, they also demonstrated to me the significant resource and attention ICF Australasia is giving to furthering the education and knowledge of its members.

Having the guidelines and ethics readily available for me to refer to gives me a solid framework on which I can ensure my coaching and my business are conducted at the highest possible standard. Furthermore, being associated with a reputable organisation gives me the marketing and branding boost that sets me apart from those who call themselves “coaches”, who do not actually coach.

I have also made some excellent coaching contacts through ICF Australasia already, which I am certain will be long lasting engagements. One of the most valuable components of this profession is its networks, and ICF Australasia provides the ideal platform on which we can build a network and community.

Moving forward, being a member of ICF Australasia and having access to all its resources and networks will be pivotal to the success of my coaching business.

About Paul

After a corporate marketing career and an MBA, Paul began his coaching journey when he realised that he prefers to connect with people, delve deeper with them and help them achieve their real dreams. Because he has been through the process of searching for his life’s purpose, he is focused on helping others like him do the same. He feels most connected to millennials and people in business, but believes that coaching is critical for anyone who is motivated and driven to achieve their goals.

Paul is an active member of ICF and is working towards his Associate Certified Coach credential. His coaching business is Perspectue, which highlights the importance of recognising and choosing different perspectives. For more information about Paul and his coaching, visit .

Zsofia Juhasz, PCC

I have really great experiences with being part of the ICF community, among them the warm welcome and to be invited to join the Leadership Team… (which) allowed me to connect with other ICF members both locally and globally and to share our passion for coaching and seeing each other grow professionally and personally through the shared dedication to be a professional coach.

Currently I am also involved with two global committees… and through these committees have been allowed to see the bigger picture and direction ICF is taking, work with other members on a global level, and see things from others’ perspectives. Having been involved in various roles – PD, social media, Branch President and now Past President - also allowed me to meet so many of our members and others in the public and I have been fortunate enough to build more personal relationships as well as friendships. I value the PD opportunities the ICF community is offering to coaches, participating on these is great. I was also involved in creating these learning opportunities to others in the past. I see my development as a continuous learning journey that I am on. To be a better coach and to be able to serve my clients more powerfully.

I have learnt a lot from attaining my ACC and then my PCC, and used ICF PD’s to get to thus far. I regularly attend ICF Chapter PD opportunities, offered by the Australasian Chapter or offered through Chapters in the US and UK. I also signed up for the global business development series, and register to attend the Community of Practice sessions. I see these offerings as a way to connect and learn from others who speak the same language and who see the similar importance of being part of the ICF family.

About Zsofia

Zsofia has over 14 years of coaching experience and has worked in HR management roles for Fortune 100 pharma, media and IT companies as well as in the start-up and professional services arena before becoming a professionally trained coach. Zsofia partners with innovative organizations offering virtual coaching to leaders at all levels in the for profit and NGO sectors.

Zsofia mentors individuals to hone their coaching skills based on the ICF Core Competencies as well as work with coaches as a coach supervisor. In the past 3 years Zsofia has been the President for the Queensland Branch of ICF Australasia. Learn more here.

Davia McMillan, PCC

It can be hard to maintain momentum, to drive and challenge oneself to achieve. It is easy to give in to your fears and to hide out. Perhaps also wanting and waiting to be discovered. Starting out in the world as a coach, running your own practice and building it from scratch, without an organisation behind you, is perhaps one of the scariest things you can do. But I was determined and quite truthfully…pretty naïve. Being a bit of a ‘Jackie of all trades’, my career/life experience had shown me that I was an ideal person to work with and relate to a very diverse range of people with a broad range of challenges.

However, my personal community was small and I knew very little of the coaching world. On the lookout for my “Tribe”, a group of like-minded people, I quickly saw the benefits of becoming a member of the ICF. I wanted my education and development to continue beyond my coach training, so I joined ICF as soon as I finished my ACTP and began my journey to become a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) in earnest.

A warm and welcoming Leadership Team at the time… immediately spotted my need for community, also my enthusiasm and creativity. A few coffee chats later, a meet up with the Leadership Team and I was quickly swept up and into the activities of (my) Branch. I got involved in putting on regular Communities of Practice, Virtual PD’s and Coach Cafés, which are also wonderful networking opportunities.

I was initially attracted to ICF as an organisation because of the Core Competencies and Ethical Standards. I believed they bought some rigour, accountability and quality to what was otherwise an unregulated industry. These were valuable things, that I could comfortably align myself with. I have stayed a Member and a Leader within the organisation because of the huge community I am now a part of. It fosters my love of coaching, ignites my curiosity, and now supports my endeavours to one day become a Master Certified Coach (MCC).

About Davia

LIFE Design LABis the creative coaching and mentoring space created by Davia McMillan, PCC. President of ICF Australasia Victoria Tasmania Branch.

A former fashion designer and a practicing artist Davia is committed to living life by design.

Her coaching practice the Life Design Lab is home to a suite of Coaching and Mentoring Labs that assists clients to design healthy, fulfilling, productive and profitable lives they love.