A Blog A Day - Day 7: Do Coaches Need Coaches Too?

Have you ever wondered who cuts the hairstylist's hair? or perhaps who takes care of the dentist's teeth? Or who tutors the teacher's children? Truth is, it's often "another person". What about Coaches then? Are Coaches superhuman beings, all decked up living their purpose and potential, and oozing with presence and passion to impact and ignite the lives of others? Or do we also need another person?

We explore that very question in this blog, and why we think and feel Coaches need Coaches as well!

Here are 5 compelling reasons:

  1. Coaches are a "Work-In-Progress". In fact, we are filled with flaws, blind spots and have many areas of opportunity in both our personal and professional lives. We sometimes don't even trust ourselves to do the very things we ask of our clients.
  2. Coaches require a Different Perspective. We are sometimes too close to our situations in life, may it be problems or challenges, so we definitely appreciate a different angle from which to view new options and solutions.
  3. Coaches secretly desire a Safe Place to Share and Reflect. We often provide it to our clients and we secretly yearn for it ourselves. I often catch myself thinking, "how nice it would be if I had someone to listen to me unbiasly and with objectivity". The times when I'm receiving coaching, I get the privilege to step outside of myself and notice my own life scenarios. Best of all, I can also take note of what my coach is doing.
  4. Coaches need to be Stretched and Challenged. We as Coaches are often not the first wanting to be stretched. We have become so accustomed to being on the other side where we empower our clients to go further, dig deeper, and be greater. And even though we have the skill-sets to "self-coach", having a Coach can take us to another level altogether.
  5. Coaches need to be exposed to Continuous Growth and Development. There are many moments in life we can learn and grow from. And as part of our Coaches Code of Ethics, continual improvement is a key part of our promise to our profession, clients and ourselves.

As Coaches, we can begin by being brave and ask the following questions:

  • How are you "really" doing?
  • How satisfied are you with how you are living your life, work/business?
  • Have you done the work for yourself that you are asking from your clients?
  • Are you growing enough as a Coach and as a Coachee?
  • How much are you willing to invest in your own growth and development?

The essence of coaching is being in a relationship built on trust, respect and honor, that holds a safe space to explore anything, asks powerful questions, and enables new possibilities of living and being.

And so, it does not matter if you are a Coach or a Client, what matters is whether you are investing in yourself and becoming the best you, so that you can help others become the best them.

In fact, one of the first questions every client should ask when hiring a Coach is..."Do you have a Coach?"

If you have not yet invested in a Coach for yourself, now is a great time to start! We all deserve someone who will listen to us and hold a space for thoughts, emotions and hold us accountable for our actions.


Mel Leow - PCC is an international executive and leadership coach, speaker and trainer who enjoys working with next generation talents in organizations to transform them from good to great. He also has a heart to democratize coaching to make it accessible to the world, especially in Asia and Africa.

Joanna Clary - ACC is a leadership and business coach, facilitator and mentor who thrives on working with senior leaders and business owners helping them to improve performance through personal growth. Joanna is a member of the ICFA Victoria leadership team.