A Blog A Day - Day 3: Six Reasons to Hire a Coach “coaches - making a difference”

“We are capable of infinitely more than we believe. We are stronger and more resourceful than we know, and we can endure much more than we think we can.” David Blaine

No-one needs a life or business coach, as functioning human beings we are infinitely resourceful. We all have the capacity and capability to achieve things alone. Yet doing it alone can be tough, with the burden of extra responsibilities, trying to find pathways and successfully navigate the complexities and disharmonies of life. Distractions, unclear goals, clarity and focus can waste precious time and energy and add to the ‘busyness’ of life.

A coach can help navigating through life, by acting as a trusted, confidential, co-navigator. Someone objective on your side who assesses your present situation and works with you to establish a path that feels right for you. Working together to get defined, measurable results. Your coach is there along the journey with you as an accountability partner for the actions that you take to achieve results. Through coaching you experience the remarkable dynamic of a joint effort geared towards your goals.

Coaching is an investment, coaching is not only for the realm of senior executives and CEOs, often provided by the company they work for. When you engage a coach you pick the coach who is the right fit for you. When you work with a coach, you commit to making the changes that require effort on your part. You and your Coach negotiate and work on what is a reasonable expectation as a return on your investment of time and money in a completely confidential and safe space.

Where does hiring a coach fit into your life? Why would you? How do you understand the value of the investment of not only time but your hard earned money? Here are six reasons you may want to consider hiring a coach.

Reason 1# You are in transition.

You’ve just been through or are about to go through a significant change and you need to work on the next steps. This can be a time when your direction seems less certain, confidence is eroded, you’re going through the motions but are missing the ‘flow’ energy of a clear direction and purpose. Coaching can support clarity, confidence, measures of success and direction.

Reason 2# You are wanting to make a change – to get unstuck.

Not sure of what you want, perhaps you are more sure of what you don’t want. You know you need change but are unclear about what that may be or that you can in fact change your current reality. Coaching develops a commitment and follow through, setting direction, build capability, clarify purpose and direction, identifying self-limiting beliefs, improving skills or competence.

Reason 3# You want to achieve the next level.

You are ambitious, with a drive to attain and sustain the next level. A coach to support your navigation, next steps and plan actions, mentors, assisting with support mechanisms for attaining that next level.

Reason 4# Its tough at the top!

It can be lonely at the top, sometimes there is a need for that trusted confidant, the objective view and voice, someone walking beside you as you navigate this VUCA world, volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. A coach actively listens without judgement and can support your personal growth and effectiveness. Coaching, meeting observations, 360 assessments, you co-design your level of support.

Reason 5# You want an advantage.

The only person to know you have a coach is you, there is a confidentiality agreement with your coach, you can tell others about hiring a coach, your coach cannot. You can keep your arrangement and agreement completely private, or shout it from the roof tops! You gain benefit and the personal advantage of hiring a coach to assist honing your goals, aspirations, skills and capability.

Reason 6# You want to step out of your comfort zone.

A personal trainer can work on stretching your muscles and fitness levels, a coach can support the same growth and expansion of your personal comfort zone. Public speaking, meeting effectiveness, leadership skills, sales, time management, managing stress. A coach can provide individualized, targeted support for your personal comfort zone growth.

Of course there are many, many more reasons to hire a coach. Interestingly, when most people get someone else involved with their goals, they immediately find they are more motivated and are more accountable. A coaching relationship is a professional one, clear expectations and the ‘right fit’ need to be established. When considering hiring a coach look for appropriate accreditation and experience, call them discuss in detail how you would be working together and what the expected outcomes could be. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) sets the global standard for coaching, they have ethical standards for coaching excellence, check the credential of the Coach you are considering have they been through an ICF accredited program, are they credentialed and therefore adheres to those ethical standards.

About the Author

Jillian Bolger, ACC, is a member of the Leadership Team at ICF Australasia Victoria. Jillian is an experienced facilitator, coach, mentor, speaker and organisational consultant. Jillian has a passion for leadership development and has considerable experience working within and for organisations to improve performance and create positive cultures where people thrive and achieve results.