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ICF Australasia Charter Chapter

2023 Annual General Meeting

ICF Australasia 2023 Annual General Meeting

1 September 2023

The Annual General Meeting of the members of the International Coach Federation Australasia Inc will be held on Friday, 1 September 2023 at 12:00 AEST (Sydney Time).

The meeting will be conducted via live Teams meeting participation.

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ABN 66 055 268 711 | ARBN 132 579 483

Date: Friday, 1 September 2023

Time: 12:00pm – 2:00pm AEST  (Sydney time) 


  1. Present, Apologies and Proxies Appointed
  2. Presence of Quorum
  3. Confirmation of previous AGM minutes Available here
  4. Reports of Officers and Teams
  5. Corporate Governance
  6. Annual Audited Financial Statements Available here
  7. Election and Announcements
  8. New Business

8.1 Appointment of Auditors

2023 AGM Documents and Processes

Rules and Procedures for Electing Directors 

Nomination Information 

The following ICF Members have accepted nominations for positions on the Board of Directors for the period 2023 – 2026.

Online Voting closed on Thursday 31st August at 12 noon AEST.  Please attend the meeting to vote.

Votes may be made at the AGM provided you have not previously voted for a nominee.

Each financial ICF Member residing in Australia or New Zealand is entitled to submit a single vote for each position.

Position: President Elect

The following ICF Member has been nominated for the role of President Elect and endorsed by the Board. The office of President is a three year term – with one year being served in each role as: President Elect, President and Immediate Past President. The nominee is a Credentialed ICF Member in good standing.

Tim Crowden, ACCread more about this nominee

Position: Director Finance

The following ICF Member has been nominated for the role of Director Finance and endorsed by the Board. The office of Director Finance is a three year term. The nominee is a Credentialed ICF Member in good standing.

Jacquie McCannread more about this nominee

In Meeting Voting

Voting will be conducted in person at the meeting .