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Coaching In Context

How individuals and systems evolve together

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Join us for an illuminating hour of learning with Alison Cameron as she speaks on the topic Coaching in Context: How individuals and systems evolve together.

About the session:

Your coaching clients operate in a context, interrelating with a variety of systems (organisations, community, family).

When an individual’s development is out of step with the systems they engage in this can produce overwhelm, frustration and a lack of understanding. With deeper understanding and ability to work with context, your coaching can have greater impact, not only on the individuals you coach but on the systems they are connected to.

In this webinar, Alison will support you to deepen you understanding of how you can support leaders/your clients, in understanding the inter-relationship between their development, and their ability to positively influence the systems they are a part of.

An understanding of stages of development both in individuals AND in collectives or systems can help you to uncover and work with conflicts to unleash greater potential.

In this webinar you will:

Learn how to:
• open constructive conversations about individual and system stages of maturity with your clients
• ask specific questions which help clients to reflect on their development in the context of the systems they operate in
• help clients to develop greater compassion and understanding for themselves and the people and collectives around them
• open useful conversations about the impact of the clients individual development and how this might be leveraged for greater “ripples” into their world

• Developmental stages of individual and cultural maturity
• The changing context of coaching and how you can be more effective and develop greater relevance in the changing world.
• How to utilise the three perspectives of “I, WE and IT” in your coaching and gain insight into how the three interrelate.

And develop the ability to coach with multiple perspectives and lenses leading to “larger” and more holistic coaching conversations.


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Organiser: Brenda Brown

Phone: +61 (2) 8006 5481


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