Welcome to ICF Australasia· advancing the art, science and practice of professional coaching

The International Coach Federation® Australasia currently represents more than 1300 members throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Regular meetings are held in branches in most capital cities in Australia and in Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury in New Zealand.

Please contact your nearest branch for details of meetings and events.

Guests are welcome to attend a limited number of meetings prior to joining and these event provide a wonderful opportunity to network with coaches of varying experience and to learn more about coaching in the region.

The benefits of being a member of ICF and the Australasia Chapter include credentialing, the Coach Referral Service, use of the ICF Logo, access to the branches, Coach Link, live and virtual professional development publicity opportunities, plus access to special arrangements with suppliers.

Members also obtain special prices to attend ICF Conferences and events around the world. We encourage you to explore the website and get in touch with a branch for more information about events in your area.

For more information on becoming a member, please click here.

To purchase the Standards Australia Guideline for Coaching in Organisations, please click here.

President, ICF Australasia Inc

The ICF Australasia Chapter exists:

  • To increase the success of our membership.
  • To increase the skills and effectiveness of our members.
  • To raise awareness of the local community and beyond about the coaching profession.
  • To provide a network through which our members can learn and share opportunities.
  • To provide a forum where members can discuss issues of professional concern and development.
  • To provide an opportunity for our members to collaborate in providing resources and solutions for their clients.

If you have a question about ICF Australasia, please or call our administration office on +61 2 9925 3264 and you will be placed in touch with a branch leader who can assist you.

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